"Creating a World of Fun, Changing the World for Others"


There's ball pits, tunnels, and a super slide.

Come and play or book a party for your child's next birthday.

KidzLife PlayCentre is part of the children's program run by the NewLife Church Mackay. Everyone is welcome and signs into the program on entry.

The centre exists to foster healthy interaction between parent and child,

and supports children in need, locally and in developing nations.

KidzLife is non for profit (not a business).

Costs are only charged to recover expenses of running the program.

Opening Hours & Entry prices

Birthday parties & private functions

Scott's cafe & changing the world

location - 75 evans avenue, north mackay

We are located behind the NewLife Church building. Upon arrival, simply find

the KidzLife Playcentre Sign at the side of the building and follow to end for entry!

Ball Pit
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Opening Hours & Entry Prices

- School Days -

Opening Hours

Entry Prices

  • Adults Free Entry
  • 0-11mths Free Entry
  • 1-5yrs $9
  • 6-12yrs $11
  • Monday CLOSED
  • Tuesdays 9:00am - 12pm
  • Wednesday 9:00am - 12pm
  • Thursday 9:00am - 12pm
  • Friday 9:00am - 12pm

Contact us for group booking options!

- Saturdays & Holidays -

Opening Hours

Entry Prices

  • Monday 9am - 2pm
  • Tuesdays 9am - 2pm
  • Wednesday 9am - 2pm
  • Thursday 9am - 2pm
  • Friday 9am - 2pm
  • Saturday 9am - 4pm

  • Adults Free Entry
  • 0-11mths Free Entry
  • 1-5yrs $10
  • 6-12yrs $12

Contact us for party booking options!

Private Hire Available every day out side these hours.

*Before your Visit !

Our team will remind you upon admission, but to ensure each visit is fun and safe for everyone, we ask that you please read over our Playcentre Rules before entry & Don't forget to bring your socks!!

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Ball Pit

Birthday Parties

& Private Functions

From having the entire venue for yourself to having an all set up, dedicated area, reserving a table or organising add on's for a more customised option, we're confident that there's a Party Booking perfectly suited for your next celebration! Check out the Party Packages below, and reach out if you have any questions

Ball Pit



  • Party Booth or Alcove for 2.5 hrs with table and seating for 20 people
  • Admission for 8 x Kidz

(Extra kidz +$15 each, paid on the day of the party)

  • Provided : Table Cloth, Water, Cordial,

Bowl of Lollies, Cups, Plates & Serviettes

  • Bring your own Birthday Cake

Choose from the Extras available to build your party or Bring your own Party Food

no hot food or alcohol

please use non breakable containers


Please Refer to the Booking

Process to Confirm Availability!

Tuesday - Friday

  • Booth 1 + 2 (9:30am-12pm)


  • Booth 1 + 2 (9:30am-12pm)
  • Booth 1 + 2 (1-3:30pm)
  • The Alcove (10-12:30pm / 1:30-4pm)

Ball Pit



  • Entire Playground Facility for 2.5hrs
  • Free Admissions - Hosts 75 people comfortably (max. 100 guests)
  • Self Catered - please use non breakable containers - alcohol not permitted
  • Café open for approx. 1hr during party for sale of coffees & cold drinks


Tuesday - Friday

  • 3:30-6pm : $600


  • 5:30-8pm : $700


  • 1-3:30pm : $750

Extra Hour Available - $100 - must be pre-booked - not available on Sundays

Ball Pit


Please explore our Party Packages for further details of which extra's are available but we have a great variety helping you have the very best party experience at KidzLife Playcentre!

Extra Party Kids - $15

Party Lolly Bags : $3.50 each

Variety Mixed Lolly Bags sold seperately!

Party Food (Table Snacks) : $45

  • Caters for 15 x Kidz -

Assorted Crisps, Crackers, Popcorn & Lollies

Hot Food Platters : $60 each

One party Hot Food Platter caters for 15 x Kids - Please select multiple depending on number of guests expected.

Option 1

  • Mini Pies, Sausage Rolls, Spring Rolls & other treats with sauces

Option 2

  • Chicken Nuggets/Fingers & Chips with sauces

Party Pack : $10

20 paper plates, 20 paper cups and serviettes, tablecloth

Drinks : $10

Jugs of Cordial and Cold Water - unlimited refills

Ball Pit
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Scott s Café
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EST. 2022

At KidzLife Playcentre, Scott's Café not only provides satisfaction in offering coffee and hot food for purchase during your visit, but it also operates in loving memory of Scott Burrage who left an incredible legacy in our community! With plenty of seating available, and options for the whole family, we encourage you to check out the Café, read Scott's Story and find out more about what we're supporting as a Non-For-Profit organisation!

View Café Menu


Read Scott's Story


Ball Pit
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Change the World!

Not only are we passionate about Creating a World of fun for families and friends to enjoy, but we're a Non-for-Profit Organisation which means, each admission into the KidzLife Playcentre is helping Change the World!

NewLife Church is involved in supporting various local, national and international missions and since our establishment, we've been in partnership with them to support both international and local community projects. Their vision statement sets the mandate that they would be a church that Reaches Thousands. This is part of their purpose, it's part of their future and it's incredibly exciting to be able to support projects that bring blessing to people all around the world.

NewLife Church is actively involved with projects in India and Myanmar, with teams heading to these nations annually.

"One thing that has really impacted us as a church and our missions teams is the children. They are the next generation, our future leaders, doctors, teachers and so on. As a result of many trips to India and Myanmar, we now support children in Myanmar, the Banjara Girl's School in South India and Helping Hands Ministry in North India. Most of these children have no parents or family but with our support and the amazing people who run the facilities and care for them, they now have a hope for the future." - New Life Magazine 2011

For more information on their outreach projects, or to make a donation, visit the NewLife Church website at www.newlifechurch.com.au

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Contact Us

Email : admin@kidzlife.com.au

Ph : (07) 4953 5575

Location :

75 Evans Avenue, North Mackay

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- @KidzLifePlaycentre

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ENTry Terms,conditions, behaviour code

Pair of Colorful Socks
  1. Parents/Guardians are responsible for and MUST supervise their children at all times.
  2. Adults may assist their child if necessary but the equipment is not for Adult play.
  3. Adults are not permitted on the Super Slide.
  4. SIT with FEET IN FRONT of you on the SLIDES
  5. Socks (not shoes) MUST be worn at all times by EVERYONE on the play equipment and mats *Available for purchase at register!
  6. Age limits of the different areas must be followed.
  7. Food and drink to be consumed at the tables not on play equipment
  8. No food or drink is to be brought into KidzLife unless it is part of a prebooked party. This includes Birthday Cakes.
  9. WALK please don't RUN
  10. Balls must stay in the ball pits (especially not rolled down the slides)
  11. No climbing on safety nets or the outside of the equipment
  12. Respect for all in the centre is expected. Bulling and rough play will not be tolerated.
  13. The Wellness Policy will be adhered to.
  14. Management reserves the right to exclude any person from the centre at management’s discretion at any time should they determine necessary.

All entering whether signed in or not, voluntarily releases, forever discharges and indemnifies KidzLife PlayCentre, New Life Community Services and NewLife Christian Church, their directors, managers, staff and volunteers and hold them harmless with respect to all liability for death, personal injury and all other loss or damage, including damage to property howsoever arising, except to the extent prohibited by laws.

wellness policy

We care about you and want to keep you safe and healthy!

Please do not enter the centre if you or your children have or have had any

of the following symptoms within the last 24 hours.

  • Fever or Rasied Temperature
  • Vomiting
  • Discharge in or around the eyes
  • Runny Nose - clear or coloured
  • Excessive Coughing
  • Questionable Rash or Sores
  • Diarrhoea
  • Loss of Taste or Smell
Ball Pit
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Flat White, Cap or Latte



Long or Short

Hot Chocolate



+ 50c

Caramel or Vanilla



Chai Latte


+ 50c

Lactose Free, Soy, Oat or Almond


Dirty Chai + 50c

Exra Shot

+ 50c



English Breakfast or Green Tea

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Sml Hot Chips


Lrg Hot Chips


Chicken Chips


Sweet Potato Chips


Toasted Sandwiches


(Ham, Cheese & Tomato)

Nuggets & Chips


Loaded Fries


(Chips, Cheese & Gravy)

Mini DagDog & Chips


Kids Sandwiches

(Vegemite, Cheese or Honey)


Kids Box


(Sandwich, Fruit & PopTop)



Tomato or BBQ

Aoli or Gravy

Other variety of treats!


Ball Pit